What’s on Pluto TV? There are hundreds different channels on Pluto TV. Even so many of those are Pluto TV’s own channels, doesn’t mean that the channels don’t have familiar movies or TV shows on Pluto TV. In the Pluto TV channels also include some familiar networks. Most of them are news channels like Bloomberg or CNBC. Content producers like MGM and Lionsgate makes deals with Pluto TV, that allow many live channels with content from those companies can be shown on Pluto TV. There are also standalone networks from outside brands that may not have channels on Pluto TV’s pay TV competitors.

Various Channels on Pluto TV

From the various channels on Pluto TV you have many nice selection of channels considering about free service. So many of the channels on Pluto TV are exclusives and Pluto TV’s content has been known to vary a bit from platform to platform. Because of that reasons a full list of Pluto TV’s channels isn’t useful as it might sound.

Here some guide on Pluto TV’s channels list and to get a sense of what’s available on the service.

  • What’s On → shows you what’s happening on Pluto TV channels right now, making it a great place to start for the uninitiated.
  • Pluto TV Movies and Pluto TV Movies 2 → Pluto TV channels to watch movies, you also can choose specific genre like Horror 24/t, Action Movies and Classic Movies.
  • CBSN, NBC News/MSNBC, CNBC and Blommberg → are some News channels on Pluto TV. You might actually recognize one of those several news stations.Pluto TV Sports → is Pluto TV’s sports network.
  • Live Music Replay airs concert and live-in-studio footage of all kinds of bands and musicians.
  • The Oldies, Dash Indie, and Fuego are Pluto TV’s solid selection of musical channels. Unlike all of the Pluto TV channels above, these channels don’t offer video – just audio.
  • Funny AF → for those who like comedy channel.
  • MST3K airs Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • IGN and Nerdist have your geek TV cravings covered.
  • Food TV airs all about food, of course.
  • Classic Toons shows old-school cartoons.
  • NASA TV when you want to actually see Pluto on Pluto TV.